sara Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary mf({A})n. (fr. {sR}) fluid , liquid VS. cathartic , purgative , laxative Susr. Vagbh. (ifc. f. {I} Pan2. 3-2 , 18) going , moving &c. (cf. {anu-} , {abhi-} , {puraH-s-}) m. going , motion L. ; a cord , string (cf. {prati-} , {maNi-} , {muktA-maNi-} , and {mauktika-s-}) a short vowel (in prosody) Col. salt L. N. of Vayu or the wind L. a waterfall L. often v.l. or w.r. for {zara} (also in comp. {sara-ja} &c. for {zaraja} &c.) {A4}) f. moving or wandering about Gal. a brook AV. TS. a cascade , waterfall L. Paederia Foetida L. {I}) f. a cascade (cf. {sari}) L. n. a lake , pool (also irregularly in comp. for {saras}) Un2. iv , 188 Sch. ; milk L.