sthAvara mf({A4})n. standing still , not moving , fixed , stationary , stable , immovable (opp. to {jaGgama} q.v.) TS. &c. &c. firm , constant , permanent , invariable Apast. R. Hariv. regular , established W. vegetable , belonging to the vegetable world Sus3r. ; relating to immovable property Yajn5. Sch. m. a mountain (cf. {-rAja}) Bhag. Kum. {A}) f. N. of a Buddhist goddess Lalit. {am}) n. any stationary or inanimate object (as a plant , mineral &c. ; these form the seventh creation of Brahma1 see under {sarga}) Up. Mn. MBh. &c. stability , permanence (v.l. {sthira-tva}) Subh. immovable property , real estate (such as land or houses) Yajn5. a heir-loom , family-possession (such as jewels &c. , which have been long preserved in a family and ought not to be sold) W. a bow-string L.