kaNTaka m. (n. L.) a thorn SBr. v MBh. Yajn5. &c. anything pointed , the point of a pin or needle , a prickle , sting R. a fish-bone R. iii , 76 , 10 Mn. viii , 95 a finger-nail (cf. {karaka-}) Naish. i , 94 the erection of the hair of the body in thrilling emotions (cf. {kaNTakita}) ; unevenness or roughness (as on the surface of the tongue) Car. any troublesome seditious person (who is , as it were , a thorn to the state and an enemy of order and good government) , a paltry foe , enemy in general (cf. {kSudra-zatru}) Mn. ix , 253 , &c. BhP. R. &c a sharp stinging pain , symptom of disease Susr. a vexing or injurious speech MBh. i , 3559 any annoyance or source of vexation , obstacle , impediment R. Hit. the first , fourth , seventh , and tenth lunar mansions VarBrS. and VarBr. a term in the Nyaya philosophy implying refutation of argument, detection of error &c. L. a bamboo L. workshop , manufactory L. boundary of a village L. fault , defect L. N. of Makara (or the marine monster , the symbol of Kama-deva) L. of the horse of Sakya-muni Lalit. (wrong reading for {kaNThaka} BRD.) of an Agrahara Rajat. of a barber Hariv. (v.l. {kaNDuka}) {I}) f. a species of Solanum Susr