sarvatobhadra mfn. in every direction or on every , side good , it every way auspicious &c. BhP. Pancar. m. a temple of a square form and having an entrance opposite to evñevery point of the compass ib. a form of military array Kam. a square mystical diagram (painted on a cloth , and used on partic. occasions to cover a sort of altar erected to Vislnu ; but cf. below) W. an artificial stanza in which each half Pada read backwards is identical with the other half (e.g. Kir. xv , 25 S3is3. xix , 40 ; also n. Kpr.) a kind of riddle or charade (in which each syllable of a word has a separate meaning?) Ka1v. the car L. N. of a mountain BhP. of a forest MW. Azadirachta Indica L. a bamboo ib. a kind of perfume VarBrS. {A}) f. the tree Gmelina Arborea Bhpr. a sort of Dioscorea L. an actress ib. {am}) n. a building having continuous galleries around VarBr2S. ; a mystical diagram of a square shape but enclosing a circle (employed for astrological purposes or on special occasions to foretell good orbad fortune ; perhaps identical with the above) Cat. ; a partic. mode of sitting ib. ; N. of a garden of the gods BhP. ; (m. or n. ?) N. of various works ; {-cakra} n. a partic. diagram (see above) Cat. N. of various wks. {kra-vyAkhyAna} n. N. of wk. [1189,2] {-devatA-sthApana-prayoga} m. {-prayoga} m. {-phala-vicAra} , m. {-maNDala} n. {-maNDala-krama} m. {-maNDala-devatA-mantra} , m. pl. , {-maNDalAdikArikA} f. {-lakSaNa} n. {-liGgato-bhadra} , {-homa} , {-bhadrAdi-cakrAvali} f. N. of wks.