phena m. once n. (often written {pheNa} and prob. connected with {phaN} ; but see Un2. iii , 3) foam , froth , scum RV. &c. &c. moisture of the lips , saliva Mn. iii , 19 ; n. (m. L.) Os Sepiae (white cuttle-fish bone , supposed to be indurated foam of the sea) Car. m. N. of a man (son of Ushad-ratha and father of Su-tapas) Hariv. ; ({A}) f. a kind of shrub (= {sAtalA}) L. ; (%{I}) f. a kind of food L. [Cf. Slav. $ ; Angl.Sax. {fam} Eng. {foam} Germ. {Feim}.]