parigha m. ( {han}) an iron bar or beam used for locking or shutting a gate (= %{argala}) ChUp. MBh. Ka1v. &c. (fig.) a bar , obstacle , hindrance Ragh. Kathas. (once n.) an iron bludgeon or club studded with iron MBh. R. &c. a child which presents a peculiar cross position in birth Susr. a line of clouds crossing the sun at sunrise or sunset Var. MBh. &c. (du.) two birds flying on each side of a traveller (regarded as an omen) Var. the gate of a palace , any gate R. a house L. (in astrol.) N. of the 19th Yoga L. a pitcher , water-jar L. a glass pitcher L. killing , striking , a blow L. N. of one of the attendants of Skanda MBh. of a