parApara mfn. remote and proximate , prior and posterior (as cause and effect) , earlier and later , higher and lower , better and worse MBh. Kav. &c. m. = {-guru} below ; n. (in logic) a community of properties in a small class under the larger or generic , a species or class between the genus and individual W. Grewia Asiatica Bhpr. {-guru} m. a Guru of an intermediate class N. of the goddess Durga1 W. (cf. {parAt-parag-}) {-jJa} , knowing what is remote and proximate &c. MBh. {-tA} f. {-tva} n. higher and lower degree , absolute and relative state , priority and posteriority the state of being both a genus and a species Bhashap. {-dRSTArtha} mfn. knowing the real nature of the remote and proximate &c. Hariv. {-reza} m. ` lord of the remote and property , &c. N. of Vishnu VP. {-raitR} ({parAp-}) mfn. going after another , going in a line (to the next world) AV. 1.