parAvara mf({A})n. distant and near , earlier and later , prior and subsequent , highest and lowest , all-including ({-tva} n.) MBh. Pur. &c. handed down from earlier to later times , traditional MundUp. each successive BhP. m. pl. ancestors and descendants Mn. i , 105 ; iii , 38 n. the distant and near &c. cause and effect , motive and consequence , the whole extent of an idea , totality , the universe MundUp. MBh. Vedantas. {-jJa} (MBh.) , {-dRz} (MW.) , {-vid} (BhP.) mfn. knowing or seeing both distant and near or past and future &c. [588,1] {-vibhAgavid} mfn. knowing the difference between the distant and near &c. MBh. {-reza} m. N. of Vishnu VP. (cf. {parApareza}). Distant - Near Earlier - Later Prior - Subsequent Highest - Lowest Cause - Effect Motive - Consequence