parAyaNa 2 n. ({parA} + %{i}) going away , departure or way of departure , final end , last resort RV. AV. S3Br. (cf. 1. {parAyaNa} , p. 587). pArAyaNa n. going over , reading through , perusing , studying , RPrat Apast. (esp.) reading a Purana or causing it to be read W. the whole , totality MBh. xiii , 2701 Pa1n2. 3-2 , 130 Sch. ; (esp.) complete text , causing collection of (cf. {dkAtu-perusingnAma-p-}) N. of a gram. wk. (abridged fr. {dhAtu-p-}) {I}) f. (L.) action ; meditation light N. of the goddess Sarasvati {-Na-krama} m. {-Na-mAhAtmya} n. {-Navidhi} m. N. of wk. {-Nika} mfn. one who goes through or studies Pan2. 5-i , 72 m. a lecturer , reader of the Puranas W. a pupil , scholar W. PlN. of a partic. school of grammarians Cat. {-NIya} n. N. of a grammar.