pUrvApara Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary mfn. being before and behind directed forward and backward eastern and western KatySr. Kalid. &c. ({-tva} n. Samk.) prior and subsequent , first and last preceding and following , following one another , connected with one another KatyS3r. MBh. &c. {am}) ind. one after another RV. ApSr. Sch. n. that which is before and behind , east and west Suryas. connection Mn. viii , 56 the proof and thing to be proved W. {-grantha} m. N. of wk. [644,3] ; {-dakSiNa} mf({A})n. eastern , western and southern MBh. {-dina} n. forenoon and afternoon Cat. {-rAtri} f. the former and latter half of the night , SankhGr. {-prayoga} m. N. of wk. ; {-virodha} m. opposition of prior and subsequent , inconsistency , incongruity MW. {-smArta-prayoga} m. N. of wk. {-parAyata} mf({A})n. running from east to west KatySr. Sch. {-parI-bhAva} m. the following one another , succession Sarvad. {-parI-bhU} , to follow one another , be connected with one another Nir. Sa1h. {-parya} n. = {paurvAparya} ; (%{eNa}) ind. one after another KatySr. Sch. VarBr. Sch.