Bezau Petrie considers that one of the kings buried at Abydos, provisionally called Nar-mer and whose real name may be Mer Beza, preceded Menes; of him there are several inscribed records, notably a magnificent carved and inscribed SLATE PALETTE found at Hieraconpolis, with figures of the KING, VIZIER, war-standards and prisoners . To identify him with Bezau (Boethos) of the IInd Dynasty runs counter to much archaeological evidence . Sethe places him next after Menes and some would identify him with that king . Another inscribed palette may be pre-dynastic; it perhaps mentions a king named " Scorpion." The Old Kingdom.—The names of a number of kings attribut- able to the Ist Dynasty are known from their tombs at Abydos . Unfortunately, they are almost exclusively Horus The earliest titles ER B in place of the personal names by dynasties . which they were recorded in the lists of Abydos and Manetho; some, however, of the latter are found, and prove that the SCRIBES scribes of the New Kingdom were unable to read them correctly. Cited from Online Encyclopedia. See: Website