prAJc mfn. (fr. {pra} + 2. {aJc} ; nom. {prAG} , {prAcI} , {prAk} cf. Pan2. 6-1 , 182) directed furwards or towards , being in front , facing , opposite RV. VS. AV. Mn. (acc. with {kR} , to bring , procure , offer RV. to stretch forth [the fingers] ib. ; to make straight , prepare or clear [a path] ib. [also with {pra-} {tir} , or - {ni}] to advance , promote , further ib. with Caus. of {klRp} , to face , turn opposite to Mn. vii , 189) turned eastward , eastern , easterly (opp. to {apAc} , western) RV. &c. &c. being to the east of (abl.) Mn. ii , 21 running from west to east , taken lengthwise KatySr. (with {vizvataH}) turned to all directions RV. inclined , willing ib. lasting , long (as life) AV. (esp. ibc. ; cf. below) previous , prior , former ({praJcas}) , m.pl. the people of the east , eastern people or grammarians Pan. i , 1 , 75 &c. ({prAcI}) f. (with or scil. {diz}) the east SBr. MBh. &c. the post to which an elephant is tied L. ({prAk} {prAG} La1ty. KatySr.) ind. before (in place or in order or time ; as prep. with abl. [cf. Pan2. 2-1 , 11 12] , rarely with gen. also in comp. with its subst. Pan2. ib.) SrS. Up. MBh. &c. in the east , to the east of (abl.) RV. Laty. before the eyes Hit. i , 76 at first , formerly , previously , already Mn. MBh. &c. (with {eva}) , a short while ago , recently , just Sak. still more so , how much more (= {kim-uta}) Buddh. above , in the former part (of a book) Mn. Pan2. first , in the first place , above all Kathas. MarkP. from now , henceforth Var. up to , as far as (with abl. esp. in gram. , e. g. {prAkkaDArAt} , up to the word {kaDAra} Pan2. 2-1 , 3) between (= {avAntare}) L. early in the morning L. w.r. for {drAk} MBh. ({prAcA}) ind. forwards , onwards RV. eastwards ib. ({prAcas}) ind. from the front ib.