vAja m. (fr. {vaj} ; cf. {ugra} , {uj} , {ojas} &c.) strength , vigour , energy , spirit , speed (esp. of a horse ; also pl.) RV. AV. VS. SankhSr. ({vAjebhis} ind. mightily , greatly cf. {sahasA}) a contest , race , conflict , battle , war RV. VS. GrSrS. the prize of a race or of battle , booty , gain , reward , any precious or valuable possession , wealth , treasure RV. VS. AV. PancavBr. food , sacrificial food (= {anna} in Nigh. ii , 7 and in most of the Commentators) RV. VS. Br. = {vAja-peya} S3a1n3khS3r. ; (?) a swift or spirited horse , war-horse , steed RV. AV. the feathers on a arrow RV. a wing L. sound L. N. of one of the 3 Ribhus (pl.= the 3 Ribhus) RV. of the month Caitra VS. of a son of Laukya SankhSr. of a son of Manu Savarna Hariv. of a Muni L. ; (only L.) ghee or clarified butter ; an oblation of rice offered at a Sraddha rice or food in general water an acetous mixture of ground meal and water left to ferment ; a Mantra or prayer concluding a sacrifice.