uttarayana-daksinayana Terms

In the Satapatha-brahmana it is stated that three seasons, the spring, the summer and the rainy season belong to the gods.[3] These three seasons together make the uttarayana or the time when the sun is on the northern course. As noted above, this is the time of increasing light in the northern hemisphere. In contrast, autumn, early winter and late winter belong to the fathers. These three seasons comprise daksinayana, the time when the sun is on the southern course. This of course is the time of failing light in the northern hemisphere. In particular, the dark side of the month of bhadrapada (September October) has been singled out as the best time for the worship of fathers. http://www.sanskrit.org/www/Rites%20of%20Passage/ancestors5.html
uttarayana -                          daksinayana
Uttarayan                              Punyakalam
Makara Sankranti                 Karkata Sankranti
Winter Solstice                     Summer Solstice
Spiritual                                Material
14 January                           14 July
6 January                             6 July
21 December                        21 June