Autogenes - Mirothoe

Autogenes and Mirothoe first Light or Angel, called 'Armozel", stands the Celestial Adam, "Pigeraadamas", referred to in in other texts as the Geradamas, the "Old Adam" or original Archetypal Man second Light or Angel, Oroiel, is the Celestial Seth, the son of Geradamas. In The Gospel of the Egyptians, Seth is "the father and savior of the incorruptible race" the level of the third Light or Angel, Daveithai, is "the seed of Seth"; i.e. the Liberated Gnostic souls, who have transcended phenomenal existence. And on the level of the fourth Light or Angel, Eleleth, are those souls "who do not know the Pleroma"; or in other words, who lack Gnosis. http://www.kheper.net/topics/Gnosticism/archetypal_man.html