zaya mf({A})n. (fr. 1. {zI}) lying , sleeping , resting , abiding (ifc. after adv. or subst. in loc. case or sense see {adhaH-z-} , {kuze-z} , {giri-z-} &c.) m. sleep , sleeping Dhatup. xxiv , 60 (cf. {divA-z-}) a bed , couch (see {vIra-z-}) a snake (accord. to some , the boa constrictor) L. a lizard , chameleon L. the hand (= {hasta} , also as a measure of length) VarBrS. Naish. KatySr. Sch. ; = {paNa} L. abuse , imprecation L. (prob. w.r. for {zapa}) pl. N. of a people MBh. ({A4}) f. a place of rest or repose (cf. {zayyA}) RV. [Cf. Gk. $-$.] &319454[1055 ,3] 2 zAya mfn. (fr. {zI}) lying , sleeping , abiding (see {kaGka-z-}).