sambhRta mfn. brought together , collected , assembled , accumulated , concentrated RV. &c. &c. ; provided , stored , laden , filled , covered , furnished or endowed with , possessed of (instr. or comp.) AV. &c. &c. ; carried , borne (in the womb) MBh. ; well maintained or nourished RV. R. honoured , respected BhP. ; produced , effected , caused , made , prepared SBr. Kalid. Susr. loud , shrill (as a sound) MBh. vii , 3911 {-kratu} mfn. one in whom all knowledge is concentrated , intelligent , wise (said of Indra) RV. {-tama} mfn. fully concentrated SankhSr. {-bala} mfn. one who has assembled an army Rajat. {-zrI} ({sam-}) mfn. one in whom all beauty is concentrated , lovely , charming AV. Megh. {-zruta} mfn. possessed of knowledge , learned , wise Rajat. {-sambhAra} ({sam-}) mfn. one who has brought together all requisite materials , quite ready or prepared for anything TS. MBh. BhP. {-sneha} mfn. full of love for (loc.) Megh. {-tAGga} ({sam-}) mfn. one whose body is well nourished or fed TBr. (ifc.) one whose limbs are covered with MBh. (B. {sam-vRt-}) {-tartha} mfn. one who has accumulated wealth Ragh. {-tA7zva} ({sam-}) mfn. one who has well-fed horses RV. {-tauSadha} mfn. one who has collected many drugs MBh.