Adam Paghra

Adam Paghra In the Mandaean interpretation The Adam Paghra (Earthly Adam) had two wives Hawa Paghra Earthy Eve These and their progeny peopled the world of Mshuni Kushta. Adam had six children, three boys and three girls. The names of the three boys were Adam, Shitel, and Annosh. Adam son of Adam took a wife from amongst the children of darkness, for the world was inhabited before the creation of Adam by shiviahi (shibiahia), children of blackness and darkness. From this union sprang children of darkness, those of humanity who are not Mandai. Hawa Kasia Heavenly Eve The Mandai are the children of Adam Paghra and Hawa Kasia. The other two sons of Adam, Shitel and Annosh followed the teaching, which Hiwel Ziwa gave their father. Hiwel Ziwa taught Adam the secrets of life, gave him the holy book, and instructed him in the arts of agriculture and writing. http://www.mandaeanworld.com/oral_folklore1b.html