Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary: sUta 3 m. (of doubtful derivation , prob. to be connected with 1. %{sU} ; for 1. 2. %{sUta} see pp. 1239 and 1240) a charioteer , driver , groom , equerry , master of the horse (esp. an attendant on a king who in earlier literature is often mentioned together with the %{grAma-NI4} ; in the epics also a royal herald or bard , whose business was to proclaim the heroic actions of the king and his ancestors , while he drove his chariot to battle , or on state occasions , and who had therefore to know by heart portions of the epic poems and ancient ballads ; he is the son of a Kshatriya by a Brahmani or of a Brahman [accord. to Sasvata also of a Sudra] and a Kshatriya ; the most celebrated Suta was Loma-harshana who was a pupil of Vyasa) AV. &c. &c. (IW. 510 n.) ; a carpenter or wheelwright L. ; N. of a son of Visvamitra MBh. ; ({yA}) f. g. {krauDy-Adi} ; (%{I}) f. the wife of a Suta MW. ; a female bard ib. sUta 2 mfn. (for 3. see p. 1241 , col. 2) born , engendered (see {su-SUta}) one that has , brought forth (young) Mn. VarBrS. m. quicksilver SarngS. Sarvad. the sun W. ({A}) f. a woman who has given birth to a child MW. a young quadruped L. w.r. for {sutA} Pan5cat. iii , 192/193