First Letter - Last Letter

First Letter - Last Letter (of section or of alphabet)
G finishes Week 1 Letter H begins Week 2 This may explain why G and H both function as Bridge Letters. In languages such as Phoenician H appears as a Square Box divided into 2. We suggest that this alludes to the division between week 1 and 2 of a phase of the moon:
Waxing Moon Waning Moon
Week 1             Week 2                                   Week 3             
1- 7 Days         8-14                   Day 15        Days 15- 21
Letters 1-7      Letters 8-14      Letter 15     Letters 15-21
A - G H -           N O                    O                      O-U Full Moon
Link with Nitya 15 serves as a lateral version of a Bridge Letter. H functions primarily as a transition letter. In some alphabets (e.g. Latin, English) it is letter 8 following the completion of a first week. Greek is a slight variant. The letter Eta (H) is letter 7 but has a gematria value of 8. In these languages H functions as a transition or bridge between week 1 and week 2.
Symbolically the first week is much more than the first week of a phase of the moon. As iwith the 1st Spetenary of the Tarot of the Bohemians, A - H represents the Divine World of God. It also recalls the creation. Some accounts of creation entail 6 days. This could possibly account for the Umbrian language wher H is letter 6. In terms of the annual cycle of 12 months H divides it into 2. This leads to parallels between
the6 days of creation and the 6 months of the year. In Phoenician, Hebrew and Arabic a different logic is at play. Here H is letter 5 of the alphabet.
The Chinese tradition of the Lo Shu square (related to the 3 x 3 Kurma diagrams of India) used 9squares to organize basic concepts. This is said to have come to the West via Budhu Squares. In such squares, H is the central letter. In this logic 1 - 4 creates a square 5 in the centre joins these points to create a first unit 10 in the centre joins them again to create a second unit.