Yama d Suf

Yama d Suf Drower translated yama d-suf of the Sabians of the marshes as Reed Sea or Sea of the End. In her opinion crossing the yama d-suf means crossing from a material state to the world of spirit [pp48, 83, "The Secret Adam, A Study of Nasoraean Gnosis", E. S. Drower, 1960]. In the first reference yama d- suf appears to be what she translated white silk. A reed could have a connection with the name of the Nara (Naar.aa) Faqirs. This name has been the victim of Hindu hate mongers who called Buddhists and Muslims Nera (Ner.aa). We shall discuss about Nara Faqirs in "Pir Gorachand Raji, and Budhan, and Birth of Chaitanya Story (Part V)." http://web2news.ac-versailles.fr/article.php?id_article=%3C2a839bb5-cf55-4c9d-b326-6ffb45a4b952%40t1g2000pra.googlegroups.com%3E&group_name=soc_culture_bangladesh&begin=0&PHPSESSID=cfb7484f07b298e29b62d79cc7efe057