am am 1 ind. quickly , a little , (g. {cAdi} q.v.) 2 am 2 the termination {am} in the comparative and other forms used as ind. e.g. {pratara4m} , &c. , (g. {svar-Adi} q.v.) 3 am 3 {amati} , to go L. to go to or towards L. to serve or honour L. to sound L. (Imper. A1. 2. sg. {amISva} aor. {AmIt} cf. {abhy-am}) to fix , render firm TS. ; (perf. p. acc. sg. {emuSam} for {emivAMsam}) to be pernicious or dangerous RV. viii , 77 , 10: Caus. {Amayati} (impf. {Amayat} aor. Subj. {Amamat}) to be afflicted or sick RV. AV. VS. (cf. {an-Amayat}). 4 am n. the root of a fragrant grass (used for tatties or screens , &c. , commonly called Kaskas , Andropogon Muricatus).