Iao Alone, the name of Iao marks the upper centre, or rather the presumed spot where the Unknown One may be supposed to dwell. Around the Iao, runs the legend, "The eternal Sun-Abrasax" (the Central Spiritual Sun of all the kabalists, represented in some diagrams of the latter by the circle of Tiphereth). http://www.blavatsky.net/magazine/theosophy/ww/additional/christianity/OphitesAndNazareans.html IAO, in such a case, would -- etymologically considered -- mean the "Breath of Life" http://www.blavatsky.net/magazine/theosophy/ww/additional/christianity/IAO.html Apocrophon of Saint John The fourth is Iao, the snake-faced with seven heads {The fourth is Yaw, the serpent-faced and lion-faced}. http://webcom.com/gnosis/naghamm/apocjn-short.html Winter, Spring, Summer, Autumn Saturn (Saturn, Sun, Moon) Hades, Zeus, Sun, Iao 1 5 10 1 + 10 + 800 TG Iao (Gr.). See Iaho. The highest god of the Phoenicians -- "the light conceivable only by intellect", the physical and spiritual Principle of all things, "the male Essence of Wisdom". It is the ideal Sunlight. WG Iao (Hebrew), among the Semites, a name for the Supreme Spirit, as Aum is among the Aryans. SD INDEX Iao (Gnos) II 536 androgyne creator II 388 chief of superior seven heavens I 448 Demiurgos called, (Furst) II 541 distinct fr Jehovah II 474 genius of the Moon I 448, 577; II 538 &n Iacchus, Jehovah or II 460 Jaho or, mystery name II 541 Moses termed God II 465 serpent (in Genesis) is II 388 seven rays (souls) of I 227n triune, called four-fold II 603 wrongly confused w Jevo II 541 http://www.theosophy-nw.org/theosnw/ctg/i-im.htm