A - L Terms

A - L represent letters
Devanagari First Vowel     Last Vowel
                       A                      Li > Ali = Vowel
Sanskrit        First Vowel    Last Standard Consonant          Last Consonant
                        A                     La                                                    Laa
                        1                     28                                                    34
                         A-                     L
                         A -                    K
                        al                     ak
                        al                      ak             sa 
In Western Alphabets of 22, 24, and 26 letters
                       A                         L
                       1                         12 of the Alphabet corresponding to the
                       1st hour             12th hour  of the 24 hours or
                       1st month         12  month of  the 12 months thus indicating
                       beginning         end or more significantly a turning.