Male - Female Letters

Male Letters Female Letters A M AN AM > Anam = Nameless AG AM > Agam = Inaccessible ALAK SHA > Alaksha = Incomprehensible The old lunar year had 13 months. So the first 13 months became A-M and the second 13 became N -Z. A - M N - Z 1- 13 14- 26 This leads to a sub-division of the entire alphabet, created by a basic zig-zag of a snake, with irregularities around I, J, and V, W, reflecting a shift from a 22 letter Latin to a 26 letter English Alphabet: A B D C E F G H J I K L N M P O R Q T S V U X W Z Y Details are given under individual duals. This separation between male and female is mdoern. In theory, we would have: Male Male A N A n An na > Anna Pur na > Purna > Anna Purna But Anna Purna was not only a Sanskrit word for Cornucopia but also the name of the mountain Annapurna one of the 5 tseringma Sisters, i.e. the epitome of the female.