4 Great Ones

From the beginning various symbols for the Sacred Four began to creep in. Also a plurality of names were given them at different times by various people. I have a collection of over fifty names given to them. Among them are: the Four Great Ones, the Four Powerful Ones, the Four Great Kings, the Four Great Maharajas, the Four Great Builders, the Four Great Architects, the Four Great Geometricians, the Four Great Pillars; and today we call them the Four Archangels.

Somewhere about 6,000 or 7,000 years ago, a confusion was caused by giving the Pillars Keepers, which were called Genii. This addition of keepers for the Pillars must have occurred after the destruction of Mu, as I do not find them in any writings of the First Civilization. The Pillars were placed at the Four Corners of the earth to teach ancient man the Four Cardinal points.