P - R

P R Sanskrit Sequence 21 27 Gematria 21 40 These lettters combine to create key words comcerning life pa ra pu ru is based on the Greek Π Ρ Pi Rho But there are deeper roots. A is sun B is moon B is the second letter of English. P is the sixteenth letter of English On the sixteenth day the moon is full and also waning P is a B with the bottom half missing. P R Pu Ru > Puru Pu Ru Sa > Purusa P PR PR PRR PI TR PITR PATER Paternal cf. M T MA TR MATR MATER Maternal The Rotas Sator Square has an interior square of 9 letters: REP ENE PER Removing the vowels we have: R P N P R The Second Pentacle of Solomon also has an interior square of nine letters. On the Surface it looks very different: Resh He Pe He Nun He Pe He Resh Removing the Semi- vowels we have: R P N P R Hence in both Hebrew and Latin these magic squares have an additional purpose of establishing key letters of the alphabet. In terms of our analysis we can recognize them clearly as Begin-Return Letters.