vAyasa m. (fr. {vayas}) a bird , (esp.) a large bird RV. i , 164 , 52 (cf. Nir. iv , 17) a crow Br. MBh. &c. a prince of the Vayas g. {pArzvAdi} Agallochum or fragrant aloe L. turpentine L. a house facing the north-east L. ({I}) f. a female crow Mricch. Pancat. Hit. N. of various plants (accord. to L. Ficus Oppositifolia , Agati Grandiflora = {kAkatuNDI} and = {mahA-jyotiSmatI}) Susr. mf({I})n. relating or peculiar to crows MBh. Kav. &c. consisting of birds Nalod. containing the word {vayas} g. {vimuktAdi} n. a multitude of crows Pan2. 4-2 , 37 Sch.