Great Invisible Spirit

Invisible Spirit it became necessary for the Great Invisible Spirit to divide itself into two separate but equal parts, God the Father, the perceiver, and Barbelo the Mother, the perceived. http://www.palmtreegarden.org/fp/myths-and-manifestos/the-hidden-gospel-of-the-gnosis-of-the-great-invisible-spirit/ The Great Invisible Spirit is called Invisible because it cannot be seen by the eye, nor heard by the ear, nor touched by the hand, nor grasped by the mind of man or God. It wears a mask that it may be perceived, and that Mask is One, the Illimitable, unmeasureable, unknowable who exists before-during-and-after the Father and Barbelo. The One is also called by the Hidden Names IAO, AEEIOUO. The Great Invisible Spirit stands behind and beyond nascent Time, manifesting in all possible locations at all possible moments, experiencing all of them simultaneously. http://library.palmtreegarden.org/c_dissertations/1547.pdf