Gnostic Jesus

Gnostic Jesus Light Light -Water Light Primal Thought Forethought Protennoia Barbelo Thought Primal Thought Pronoia Protennoia Pronoia Barbelo Thought Forethoght Father Pentad: Barbelo, Thought, Foreknowledge, Incorruptibility, Eternal Life Father Mother Child Spirit Barbelo Spark first-born son of the All of the Spirit of pure light Son - Partner Christ - Mind Light, Mind, Word, Will divine Autogenes, Eternal Life and Will, Mind and Foreknowledge 3 Will [and] Thought and Life And the four are: Grace, Understanding, Perception, and Prudence. Grace (belongs to) the primal Light Harmozel {Armozel}, who is the angel of light in the primal Aeon; with him are three Aeons: Grace, Truth, Form. The second Light Oroiael is the one he placed over the second Aeon; with him are three Aeons: Pronoia, Perception, Memory The third Light Daveithe is the one he placed over the third Aeon; with him are three Aeons: Understanding, Lov[e, Likeness]. The fourth Light Eleleth is the one he placed over the fourth Aeon; with him are three Aeons: Perfection, Peace, Wisdom. These are the four Lights which stand before the divine Autogenetor, the twelve Aeons which are placed beside the Child, the great Autogenetor Christ, through the approval of the divine invisible Spirit. the perfect, true, holy Human, the first who appeared—he was called Adamas.} It set him over the primal Aeon beside the great divine Autogenetor Christ, being the primal Aeon of Harmozel and Its powers with him. unconquerable intellectual power And It placed his Child Seth over the second Light Oroiael. {And his son Seth was placed in the second aeon with the second light Oroiael.} And in the third Aeon was placed the seed of Seth, the souls of the saints who dwell forever in the third Light Daveithe. And in the fourth Aeon were placed the souls who did understand their perfection yet they did not repent immediately but they persisted a while. In the end, however, they repented. They will remain in the fourth Light Eleleth, the one who yoked them to himself, glorifying the invisible Spirit