Then Yaldabaoth saw the virgin who stood beside Adam. He was full of senseless folly, desiring to sow a seed in her. He defiled her. He begat the first son, Yawe {Yawai } the bear face, and similarly the second, Eloeim the cat face. The one is righteous, while the other is unrighteous. Eloim is righteous; Yawe is unrighteous. He set the righteous one over fire and spirit, while (he set) the unrighteous one over water and earth. Among the generations of all humanity, these are called Cain and Abel.
Yawe Eloeim
Bear Face - Cat Face
Unrighteous - Righteous
Water- Earth Fire- Spirit
Yaldabaoth has the body of a snake and the head of a lion. Another source reverses the order:
Elohim was the name of the first. Yahweh was the name of the second. Elohim has a bear’s face. Yahweh has a cat’s face. One is righteous; One is not. Yahweh is righteous; Elohim is not.
In the Apocrophon of Saint John: And he did not resemble the likeness of the Mother, for he had another form. As she deliberated, she saw that he had become modeled after a different likeness, "having the face of a serpent and the face of a lion. His eyes were shining with fire. She cast him away from her outside of those places so that none of the immortals might see him, because she had given birth to him in ignorance. She united a luminous cloud with him. She placed a throne in the midst of the cloud so that no one might see him except the holy Spirit who is called Life, the mother of everyone {except the holy Spirit who is called the Mother of all the living}. And she named him Yaldabaoth. He is the Chief Ruler, the one who attained a great power from the Mother.
Yaldaboath, an entity the Gnostics believed was the Biblical Yahweh. This creator lacked a male parent, and thus was imperfect and believed he was the most powerful being in the universe. However, he does possess some of the light of the True Father, and he traps this light within flesh in the physical world. He is said to dwell in the seventh heaven where he believes there is nothing higher than his abode, but the Gnostics know he is mistaken.