7 Powers and 7 Authorities

7 powers with the authorities. When he spoke, they came to be.} Beginning with the highest, he placed authorities (as follows): The first, then, is Pronoia with the first (authority) Yaoth The second is Divinity with the second one Eloaios. The third is Goodness/Christhood with the third one Astaphoios. The fourth is Fire with the fourth one Yao. The fifth is Kingship with the fifth one Sabaoth. The sixth is Understanding with the sixth one Ad[oni. The] seven[th] is Sophia [wi]th the seventh one Sabbataios. These are the ones who have a firmament corresponding to each heaven and aeon according to the likeness of the Aeon which exists from the beginning, in the model of the indestructible ones. http://www.gnostic-jesus.com/Nag%20Hammadi/Codex3text.html Pronoia, Divinity, Goodness, Fire, Kingship, Understanding, Sophia Yaoth, Elaios, Astaphaios, Yao, Sabaoth, Ad[oni], Sabbataios