12 Authorities of Darkness

Yaldabaoth. He is the Chief Ruler, the one who attained a great power from the Mother. appeared from the chief begetter, the Chief Ruler of the darkness and ignorance, together with the authorities were in ignorance of the one who had begotten them. These are their names: the first is Haoth. The second is Harmas, who is the eye of the fire.} he third is Galila. The fourth is Yobel. The fifth is Adonaios. The sixth is Sabaoth. The seventh is Kainan and Kae, who is named Cain, who is the sun. The eighth is Abiressine. The ninth is Yobel. The tenth is Harmoupiael. {The seventh is Kainan Kasin, who is called the sun. The eighth is Abiressia. The ninth is Yobel. The tenth is Armoupiael.} The eleventh is Adonin. The twelfth is Belias. They all have double names: one set of names from desire and wrath, but yet other names which are given to them by the glory of heaven. The (latter) are the ones which reveal their nature in truth. Haoth, Harmas, Gallia, Yobel, Adonaios, Sabaoth, Kainan and Kae, Abiressine, Yobel, Harmoupiael, Adonin, Belias