Stairway to Heaven

Stairway to Heaven 1. arc of flower petals (palapethi) motif the fires of worldly existence (or some say, "the flames of hell") 2 arc of four beasts - elephant, lion, horse and bull the four mortal perils birth disease, decay and death 3 arc of undulating scrolls of leaves and flowers forming the liyavela motif (the "vine of life") desire or craving (tanha) 4 arc of swans or geese (hansa puttuwa) the sign of purity, wholeness and goodness (the thoughtful ones who have left their worldly abodes) 5 arc containing a second liyavela motif the heavenly worlds. 6 arc of lotus petals turned outwards, the arc of lotus petals turned inwards and seed-cup in the centre forming together half a lotus nirvana