Superior Father

Superior Father The third LIFE which is produced from the other two, is Abatur (Ab, parent or father). Abatur is the "Ancient of Days," the father of the Demiurgos of the universe. He is the Creator who calls inert matter into life, through his vivifying spirit. He is the father who creates the first Adam (who creates in his turn the second). "Abatur opens a gate and walks to the dark water (chaos), and looking down into it, the darkness reflects the image of Himself ... and lo, a SON is formed -- the Logos or Demiurge (Fetahil), who is the builder of the material world thus called into existence." This third LIFE is the architect of the visible universe which he calls into existence by the power of his genii at the order of the "Greatest." http://www.blavatsky.net/magazine/theosophy/ww/additional/ListOfCollatedArticles/TheNazareneSystem.html