Caulacau The barbarous name "Caulacau" is a pun on Isaiah 28:9-13 http://jesus8880.com/chapters/gematria/isopsephia.htm The three terms were Caulacau, Saulasau and Zeesar meaning, respectively, hope, tribulation and hope as yet little (see n. to p. 52 and to Irenaeus, ANF, p. 350). The comments refer to Isaiah 28:10. This text is directed against Judah who is like Samaria in its unrestrained Hedonism and this is the basis of the reaction to the text among the licentious Gnostics such as the Nicolaitans. Knowledge is gained precept upon precept, line upon line – hence, the repetition in Saulasau and Caulacau http://www.ccg.org/english/s/p202.html