Superior Adan

Superior Adan "Adan Inferior is distributed into its own paths, into thirty-two sides of paths, yet it is not known to any one but Seir. But no one knows the SUPERIOR ADAN nor His paths, except that Long Face" -- the Supreme God.** Seir is the Nazarene "genius," who is called AEbel Zivo; and Gabriel Legatus -- also "Apostle Gabriel."*** The Nazarenes held with the kabalists that even the Messiah who was to come did not know the "Superior Adan," the concealed Deity; no one except the Supreme God; thus showing that above the Supreme Intelligible Deity, there is one still more secret and unrevealed. Seir-Anpin is the third God, while "Logos," according to Philo Judaeus, is the second one.**** http://www.theosociety.org/pasadena/isis/iu2-05.htm