A O U E I Terms

A            O         U              E              I 
ailm,     onn,     ur,            edhadh,  ido
fir/pine, gorse, heather,  aspen,    yew
Spirit of Earth
A ailm [a]                     Spirit of Earth
O onn [o] (*osen)       Fire of Earth
U úr [u]                         Air of Earth
E edad [e]                    Water of Earth
I idad [i]                          Earth of Earth
Ailm, Onn, Ur, Eadha, Iodhadh
Silver Fir, Furze, Heather, Poplar, Yew
A Ailm (Fir!) on the next day after Winter Solstice
O Onn (Broom!) by Spring Equinox
U Ura (Lime-tree!) by Summer Solstice
E Eadha (Aspen) by Fall Equinox
I Iohu (Yew) on Winter Solstice
Day after Winter Solstice, Spring Solstice, Summer Solstice, Fall Solstice, Winter Solstice
Ailm, Onn, Ura, Eadha, Iohu
Fir, Broom, Lime-Tree, Aspen, Yew
In Finger Ogham
 A            O                  U                       E                        I
 Thumb, Forefinger, Fool’s Finger, Leech Finger, Auricular Finger

vowels, Beth-Luis-Nion : A.O.U.E.I., =, the matristic Pentad of vowels, wherein female letters occupy the inner stations, whereas male or opposite-sex letters stand on the outside.  The order stands for a seasonal sequence of five parts, namely the New Year (5 days), followed by Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter.  The vowels are arranged as one progressive pair (A.O.) standing for creation and exhalation, the annual climax (U) of midsummer, and a recessive pair (E.I.) standing for inhalation and death.  The odd and even numerical values create a symmetry, relative to the value zero or null (0) at the center.  The opposite-sex pair of letters A.O. stand for the numbers 1.4. (1+4 =5), and the opposite-sex pair of letters E.I. stand for the numbers 2.3. (2+3 =5).  The arrangement suggests the Pentad, or Pentagon or Pentangle, the five-point star, and seems to depict the bifurcations of a human body.  From the body extend two pairs of limbs, the arms and legs, which further divide into five digits each, either five fingers or five toes.  The advent of a zero value (0) enabled logicians to devise Arabic numbering, based on 10 numbers, zero through nine (0 - 9).

vowels, Cadmean and Latin : A.E.I.O.U., =, =, the patristic Pentad.


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