karNin Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary mfn. having ears AV. x , 1 , 2 TS. vii relating to the ears (ifc.) having (a ring &c.) attached to the ear MBh. xiii furnished with flaps or anything similar (said of shoes) KatySr. xxii barbed , furnished with knots &c. (as a missile) Mn. vii , 90 MBh. Susr. &c. having a helm W. {I}) m. a missile , arrow the side of the neck , the part near the ear W. a steersman Kathas. N. of one of the seven principal ranges of the mountains dividing the universe L. ({inI}) f. (scil. {yoni}) a disease of the uterus (prolapsus or polypus uteri) Susr. ii , 397 , 7 ; 398 , 11.