Johanan: whom Jehovah graciously bestows http://www.christiananswers.net/dictionary/johanan.html Yôḥānnān Yahweh is gracious http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_(name) John From the Hebrew word "Johanan" meaning "God has been gracious" the name has its origins in the Bible http://www.rampantscotland.com/forenames/blnames_jk.htm According to Dr. McGee: Johanan is always given as meaning the Grace of God but it is a name which appears only in scriptural books written after the return from Babylonian exile, notably Chronicles. It seems that the name Johanan actually was brought back from exile with the returning priests. Johanan therefore is Oannes in Hebrew and the meaning Grace of God was devised for it later. http://www.geocities.com/mandaeans/birth5b.html