Golden Tortoise

Golden Tortoise Thus, the cyclic animals form part of a colourful time wheel which is encased within the body of a snarling monster, supposedly a form of the wrathful Giant Golden Tortoise called “Rubal”. According to the Chinese Legend of Creation, Rubal surfaced from the depths of the Primal Ocean and was shot, by an arrow of immortality, from a bow wielded by the Bodhisattva Manjushri. Rubal rolled over, and on the underside of his shell Manjushri inscribed in hieroglyphics, the almanac of all time to come. Thus, the Tortoise consumed in flames in the centre of the Mandala, represents the Universe, its domed shaped upper-shell represents the Vault in the sky, the starry firmament and its belly under-shell the Earth, which moves upon the waters http://www.ichingmaster.co.uk/i_ching_master4.htm