All Powerful Ten

All Powerful Ten
Y, R, V, L, M, S, K, H together with the two vowels, O and U (the eight consonants are sometimes reduced to seven by combining K and S, in which case the whole is called the Seven Letters. Y, R, V, L, M, Ks, H, O, U
The consonants combined with the vowel A and the ending with M are the seed sounds of the Great Elements (Mahabhuta) i.e.,
yam for the element Air
ram for the element Fire
vam for the element Water
lam for the element Earth
ham for the element Space
Y, R, V, L, M, Ks, H, O, U
yam, ram, vam, lam, ham
air, fire, water, earth, space
Om Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya Sva Ha
7 Syllables:
Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya