Source, Fountain, Vessel

Source, Fountain, Vessel Source of Spring Kether Hakemah Binah Corona Sapientia Intelligentia Crown Wisdom Understanding (Conceiver) 7 Precious Vessels seven precious vessels become, to which are given the following names: Gedulah, Magnificence or Benignity [or Khased,Mercy] Geburah, Austerity, Rigor or Severity Tephareth, Beauty Netsakh, Victory Hod, Glory Yesod, Foundation or Basis Malakoth, Rule, Reign, Royalty, Dominion or Power And in Gedulah, He took the character of Great and Benignant in Geburah, of Severe in Tephareth, of Beautiful in Netsakh, of Overcoming in Hod, of our Glorious Author in Yesod, of Just, by Yesod all vessels and worlds being upheld and in Malakoth He applied to Himself the title of King. http://www.hollyfeld.org/heaven/Text/QBL/apikeqbl.html