Yod Terms

Yod Yod is the tenth letter, and two hands have ten fingers. It numerical value is 10 + 6 + 4 = 20, which is two times ten, or just two, pointing to duality. http://www.soul-guidance.com/houseofthesun/treeoflifeletters.htm ..............
Yod is male, He is female, Vav is both In Yod are three Yods, the upper and the lower apex, and Vav in the middle. By the upper apex is denoted the Supreme Kether; by Vav in the middle, Hakemah; and by the lower apex, Binah. Yod He Yod- Vau Sceptre - Sword by the Cross All Categories whatever go forth from Hakemah; and in it are contained all things, unmanifested; and the aggregate of all thing, or the Unity in which the many are and out of which all flow, is the Sacred Name IHUH. http://www.hollyfeld.org/heaven/Text/QBL/apikeqbl.html
In the Tarot, Yod = The 4 Kings The 4 Aces The 4 Fours The 4 Sevens http://www.sacred-texts.com/tarot/tob/tob07.htm