bhAnu Cologne Sanskrit Dictionary bhAnu m. appearance , brightness , light or a ray of light , lustre , splendour RV. &c. &c. the sun MBh. Kav. &c. a king , prince , master , lord L. N. of the chapters of the dictionary of an anonymous author Cat. N. of Siva L. of an Aditya RamatUp. of a Deva-gandharva MBh. of a son of Krishna ib. of a Yadava Hariv. of the father of the 15th Arhat of the present Avasarpini1 L. of a prince (son of Prati-vyoma) BhP. of a son of Visva-dhara and father of Hari-natha Cat. of a pupil of Samkaracarya Cat. of various authors (also with {dIkSita} , {paNDita} , {bhaTTa} &c.) ib. ; pl. the Adityas (children of Bhanu) Hariv. Pur. the gods of the 3rd Manv-antara Hariv. f. a handsome wife (= {bhAnu-matI}) L. N. of a daughter of Daksha (wife of Dharma or Manu and mother of Bhanu and Aditya) Hariv. VP. of the mother of Devarshabha BhP. of a daughter of Krishna Hariv. of the mother of the Danava Sakuni &c. BhP.