Ali, kavarga, Tavarga, pavarga

In Sanskrit the four letters define four divisions of sounds in the alphabet: A k T p
Vowels Consonants
Ali Kali
Ali         kavarga   Tavarga   pavarga
Vowels Gutturals Cerebrals Labials
These correspond to four zodiac signs:
Aries Libra Sagittarius Aquarius
Mesha Tula Dhanus Khumb
The 3 divisions of consonants can be expanded to 7 divisions linked with 7 stages of consciousness:
Kavarga-cavarga Tavarga - tavarga pavarga --ya -savarga
Elements-Sensations Instruments Action- Individual -Maya Instruments Sensing 5 Verities
These are linked with the 6 Months:
Libra -Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius - Pisces
Tula - Vruishika Dhanus-Makara Khumb - Meena
Hence the end of the year and prelude to spring are also a story of the birth of consciousness via the 36 consonants. See Web-Site. http://sarbani.com/mantra/mantra_rashi_chakra.htm