A - K - T

1 1
A                                K                                      T
Beginning of Vowels Beginning of Consonants End of Consonants
These become
Vowels                       Consonants
Ali                              Kali
Ali                              Kavarga                            Tavarga
Aries                          Libra                                 Sagittarius
In the creation story this leads to the downward triangle of A Ka Tha One of the Products is space: a ka sha which also becomes a ka za In 22 letter Western alphabets the original form leads to the pattern A K T 1 11 22 Beginning Middle End As the Western alphabet expands to 26, 27 or 28 letters they adopt the pattern of a ka za: A K Z Beginning Middle End There is a deeper reason for this link between the alphabet and "akaza"" Akaza means space, ether or spirit and sometimes breath. Ar, Kun, Thorn
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