Brahma Nabhi

Brahma Nabhi This twelve petal lotus grows from the navel of Narayana, and these points at 00 Aries, 00Leo and 00Sagittarius represent the Navel (also called Brahma Nabhi) and symbolise the end/beginning. Thus, these points are called Gandanta and the two Nakshetra-Pada adjoining each navel are called Gandanta-Pada. These are (a) 0-0′ to 3-20’ Aries and 26-40′ to 30-0′ Pisces around the point 0 Aries; (b) 0-0′ to 3-20’ Leo and 26-40′ to 30-0′ Cancer around the point 0 Leo & © 0-0′ to 3-20’ Sagittarius and 26-40′ to 30-0′ Scorpio around the point 00 Sagittarius http://srath.com/index.php?blog=7 Aries, Leo, Sagittarius