4 Types of Birth

The Pali Canon speaks of four types of birth in different planes of existence. The first type is that of a being born from an egg (andaja). Whatever being comes into life by breaking through an eggshell is called a ‘being born from an egg’. The second type is that of a being born from a womb (jalabuja). The being born by breaking through a membranous sheath, like human beings, or some kinds of animals like cows, etc., belongs to this type of birth. The third type is that of the being born of moisture (sansedaja). Whatever being is produced out of rotting fish or rotting corpses or in a dirty pool,’ is called a ‘being born of moisture’. The fourth type is that of spontaneous uprising (opapatika). Devas or gods in heaven, and those who are born in hell belong to this type of birth. Egg, Womb, Moisture, Spontaneous