Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun Attila is formed from Gothic or Gepidic atta, "father," by means of the diminutive suffix -ila. It has often been compared to batyushka, the diminituve of batya, "father," as the Russian peasants used to call the tsar. http://www.kroraina.com/huns/mh/mh_4.html Attila was born in about the year 406 AD to Mundzuk, one of the many kings of the Huns. It is believed that his name comes from the Hun word for the river Volga, or the word for iron, however since his language died shortly after he did we may never know. While he was still an infant his father died and his Uncle Rua, a powerful Hun king, takes in him and his older brother Bleda. It is Rua and his other uncles who see to it that Attila receives the education that a young Hun should receive. He is taught at an early age to ride and fight. Being a nomadic tribe the Huns have no permanent settlements and are master horsemen. http://everything2.com/index.pl?node=Attila%20The%20Hun